"Book of the Dead" - Art Song Premiere

Harrison Hintzsche will be collaborating with American composer Robert Strobel and Canadian lyricist and poet Barbara Black in a premiere of a new art song based on the Egyptian Book of the Dead. The artists are inviting interested donors to help fund the project and bring it to completion. Please consider donating here.

This fall, the American composer, Robert Strobel and Canadian lyricist and poet Barbara Black are undertaking an art song cycle based on The Egyptian Book of the Dead, also known as The Book of Going Forth by Day. This work will be scored for baritone voice and piano to be performed and recorded by American baritone Harrison Hintzsche.

After extensive research and a week writing in private residency, Barbara has successfully completed five texts for the project. Her goal was to bring the text forward for a contemporary audience by basing the material in a more immediate and emotional context. The song cycle as it exists at the moment, begins with a Prayer to Remain Whole in the Afterlife, and progresses through a Transformation into a Blue Lotus, a Spell Against a Crocodile in the Underworld, a Spell to Become the Sun-god Scarab, and finally, an invocation of the Ceremony for Opening the Mouth of the Deceased, which is a ritual to restore sight, speech, and all other senses to the deceased in the afterlife.

The texts are now in Robert’s hands, and he will determine the order for the song cycle and begin thoughts on musical settings for the texts.

- Taken from GoFundMe

Harrison Hintzsche